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Debi Studios, LLC

“The world

is but

a canvas

to the imagination.”

~ Henry David Thoreau

The If-its® are a wonderful project that Lisa Napolitano, my business partner, and I have created and are available for licensing opportunities. They are intended to make children think, teach them lessons about life, but above all else, get kids laughing! We all have all of our lives to be serious, and wear ties and keep our clothes unwrinkly, so it’s good to be a child and to have these fun-loving characters understand your world and revel in it! If-its® are goofy, silly, smart, loving, weird and ok, at times really bizarre. But they love to have fun, and they love kids just as much as kids love them. They’re learning cool stuff in a fun way. They are NOT about boring, expected or quiet or dull.

I created 52 characters with the idea of being able to turn each one into a stuffed animal. Or to be used on children’s linens. Or for coloring books. Or as part of children’s apps or web-based educational games. Or on t-shirts. Or animated cartoons. Or glasses and plates. Or huge, press-on wall art for children’s rooms. Or for costumed characters for live shows. I chose the right “looks,” the best colors, shapes that are easily adaptable to a number of uses and media, everything was done with flexibility – and ease of licensing full-lines of products – in mind. If you can imagine it, well, the If-its® can do it. More important, if a CHILD can imagine it, the If-its® can do it and do it very well.  

So, after painstakingly creating the If-its®, each with the ability to jump from medium to medium and still be fun, goofy, and smart, I’ve along with Lisa have become very passionate about them. They’re more than just an exercise in creativity; they’re a world unto themselves, they’re a fun way to communicate with children, and they’re a way to maybe change the world, or at least the world of our children, just a little bit.  

If you’re interested in changing the world, and if you want to get involved in a well thought-out and fun licensing opportunity, please contact Lisa Napolitano, the If-It® President at 314-619-1723 or at