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Debi Studios, LLC

"Creativity is a habit

and the best creativity

is the result of good
work habits."

~ Twyla Tharp ~

I love illustration.

The only problem I have with illustration work is deciding which type I love most. On one hand, I love the challenge of illustrating something no one has never seen. All the details that go into this visual story intrigues me. My soul comes to life illustrating a world that people can get lost. I love creating a feeling, a mood or a presence by manipulating the look and details of a subject.

On the other hand, I find strict realism to be equally fun and challenging. Reproducing exactly what I see, making every small detail perfect, looking closely, then more closely. It’s such a demanding discipline. Part of the challenge is telling the part of me that wants to emphasize certain features to keep quiet and zero in perfectly on what I’m seeing and what I’m creating. It is extremely demanding, but with every realistic illustration I learn a little more about light, shadow, texture and tone.  

In the end, the demands of illustration make me stronger from a technical standpoint, and whether you need me to do a print ad, graphics for a web site, illustrate a children’s book, or design a trade show exhibit, these technical demands mean I’m going to produce something better and more effective for YOU.