If you read the section on children’s books, you probably understand why I love making
Christmas ornaments.
Christmas is such an important and beautiful holiday and it’s one that carries a great deal of meaning for me, and that meaning is on many, many levels. Sure, there’s 7 year-old Debi, who sees the whole Christmas season through the eyes of a child, but there’s more to it than that. To me, Christmas reaffirms my faith in God, and it refreshes that faith – every year. Christmas is also about everything being right with the world. People take time to talk, they think of others, family goes back to the top of the list, drivers don’t honk as much, people hold doors for one another more, and they say “Hi” to strangers. I love the whole Christmas season, everything it means and the whole feel of it.  

So it’s only natural that I spend time each year making Christmas ornaments. I make these for family and friends, and I make them because a gift that I make with my hands and heart is more meaningful than one I buy in a store. They’re a way to share my talents, and they’re a concrete (well, they’re usually not made of concrete … maybe I should try that this year?) example of how I have given my time, talent and thoughts so someone
I care about.
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The excellence

of a gift

lies in its appropriateness rather than

in its


~ Charles Dudley Warner