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Debi Studios, LLC

“When we
engage in
what we are
suited to do,
our work
takes on
the quality
of play and it
is play that stimulates creativity.”

~ Linda Naiman ~

I love illustrating children’s books ... letting 7 year-old Debi loose on a project, brainstorming with authors, purposely throwing away all of the limits, breaking barriers, living in a world with no rules is total fun!

Take a look at some of my work with children’s books. Each has a story (behind the actual story) of how I created the characters to make them come to life, and how each detail was well-thought out. It’s an amazing process, and it’s a lot more fun that eating Brussels sprouts!!!

When I’m working with an author on a children’s book, I get to be a child again … climb that tree, swim in that lake, eat ice cream on the porch, pretend my bike is a spaceship, dress up my cat to look like a fairy. Seeing the world through the eyes of a child is something we should never give up. Never. Look at the clouds … see the giant extra-fluffy, ever so soft bunny? And don’t the windmills in that wind farm look like they’re sword-fighting? And doesn’t that crescent moon look like a frog’s smile? And isn’t the giraffeopeceros (there’s a fun word …) the weirdest/coolest thing ever?  

It’s about color and light and imagination and things that make grownups chuckle making me laugh until I cry, and stuff that doesn’t scare grownups giving me bad dreams. To a child, everything is magnified. Yellow is blindingly bright, dress shoes feel like vices on your toes, the world comes to a complete stop when it snows on Christmas Day and Beets smell and taste so bad they’ll make you throw up.

So, if you want a children's illustrator who can make your book come to life through magical illustrations, give me a call. I will be more than happy to help you and we can have some fun along the way!