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Welcome to my site and to my perspective on art, illustration, graphics and most importantly, children’s literature illustrations. I’ve been involved with various aspects of art for more than 20 years and while I’ve tried like heck to “chart a course” in my art, invariably from time to time the waves of career demands, freelance opportunities or unexplainable whims have diverted my journey.

So as you read through the pages of my site, you’ll see more than a little variety. Somehow I’ve spent time doing everything from medical illustrations and packaging designs, to children’s literature illustrations, sculpture and trade show display designs. Throw in the occasional 40-foot wall mural and ice sculpture and pretty soon you have a lot of variety.

But that’s OK in my book. As I see it, each of these disciplines has helped me develop a different skill, or to see future projects in a different light, and I can tell you, those are all important and they’ve all made me the artist I am today. More important, they’ve been fun and some of them have even brought joy to others (well, maybe not the medical illustrations of skulls). I believe, though, that we are all simply the sum of our experiences, and so it’s good to have a wide range of experiences. Maybe some would disagree, or argue that an artist should specialize, and that’s fine with me. I know what works for me, and every new media, project or client has left me a better artist. So there … that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Enjoy my site, have a good time looking at my work and if you’d like, drop me a line and say “Hi.” If you do, I promise I’ll put down the brush, the clay, the airbrush or the pencil and get right back to you, maybe even today.

Thank you for dropping in,

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